Reducing Complications and Readmissions After Surgery

Posted by Heart Hugger on Nov 24, 2020 3:10:08 PM

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Heart pillows are a common tool widely used for cardiac patients. They can be comforting, but there is no evidence that they actually help cardiac patients to heal. They also cost hospitals a lot of money for something that is a placebo. As a matter of fact, these pillows can lead to infections when they are taken to different places and exposed to a lot of surfaces. They also can't act as any constant support, as the patient has to hold one in place.

Heart Hugger Instead Of A Pillow

The heart pillow may serve as a keepsake, but it does no more good than this. The Heart Hugger, however, is a different type of external support. It benefits the patient in a number of ways and can reduce the rate of readmissions. It provides secure support for the patient when sneezing, coughing, or other movements that could bring pain. It also alleviates pain and can reduce complications in the patient. One of the best things it can do for patients is to give them control over pain and their recovery process. 

Avoiding Readmissions

Being readmitted to the hospital is something that every medical provider tries to avoid. With the Heart Hugger, you can expect lower readmission rates due to several factors. Sternal complications often arise when patients don't stay compliant with supporting their sternum when coughing, sneezing, and breathing deeply. They may also not comply with the rule about pulling and pushing and lifting less than 10 pounds. With a support harness for the sternum, it is far easier to comply with the sternum support mandate, and this can result in fewer readmissions.

The Heart Hugger can help to alleviate pain, especially when the patient needs to cough. This external harness makes it easier to cough without pain and to have enough confidence that they can cough. The harness also reduces sternal would strain to aid in recovery and allow better pain management. It supports the wound when the patient is moving, and it is easy to use. With better support comes better healing and less pain from the wound. 

Patient Operated

When the patient is extubated, that's the time to put the patient into the Heart Hugger. This provides them with support and comfort throughout their recovery. Patients wear it during their stay and continue to wear it when they are recovering at home. The harness allows the patient to access support on-demand and to control that support whenever they need to. The patient simply squeezes the handles together, the harness provides uniform support and even pressure around the rib cage. This gives patients some autonomy and power over their own healing process. 

Studies have been done and found that when patients are given this support and autonomy, they have less pain and are less likely to need readmission. Having the Heart Hugger also gets patients to be more compliant with the rules. With more confidence, they can move better and not have the fear of pain that causes so many to be non-compliant. 

To get the Heart Hugger for your patients, contact us today to find out more about this device and how well it works in reducing complications and readmission. 

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