Post-Heart Surgery Infections & Hospital Implications

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The patients who undergo heart surgery are susceptible to a host of complications that can set in during their stay in the hospital. When any of these happen, it can cause enormous problems for the hospital. To keep that from happening, there are a few steps you can take for patients and hospital safety.

Preventing Patient Infections

One of the most-feared complications after heart surgery is an infection setting in. The degree of seriousness can vary greatly, ranging from a small infection that causes discomfort to massive infection that puts the patient's life in danger.

There are countless safety precautions that can be taken to prevent infections from setting in and to keep them from spreading from patient to patient. These often start with the training of staff and the compliance with all safety practices needed. Should infections start, they can contaminate many areas of the hospital and spread to both staff and other patients. This may mean extra manpower in the hospital to conduct a cleanup, and this is an expense that can be avoided.

Infection Liability

When a patient comes into the hospital and leaves with an infection, it's easy for it to be blamed on the hospital. So many things can assist an infection in spreading that it can be complicated to keep the place as clean as possible. And, if everything isn't done as needed, this opens up the hospital to lawsuits that could cost the hospital big. A patient who has an infection after surgery can construe that infection as negligence and file suit.

The Spread of Infection

Because these heart surgery complications are so easy to spread to other people, it can be devastating to the hospital. Not only can it sicken more patients and take up additional resources and manpower to get it under control, but it tarnishes the reputation of the facility. When doctors choose the hospital where they will operate on a patient, choosing one known for infections is unlikely. Patients may also hear about the infections and choose to go elsewhere.

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