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If you are struggling with heart health or are recommended post-surgery for cardiac rehabilitation, also known as cardiac rehab, you want to pay attention. This is a heart health program provided by medical professionals that is used to improve your overall cardiac response and recovery rates. If you have had a heart attack, heart surgery, or suffer from heart disease, the use of cardiac rehab can also reduce symptoms associated with cardiac-related illnesses and conditions.

What is Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac rehab is a specialized wellness program dedicated to improving heart health. Some of the most common services available for cardiac rehabilitation are:

  • Mental health services, such as anger management to reduce stress
  • Smoking cessation courses
  • Physical activity programs and exercise plans
  • Health education focused on healthy living practices

Here you learn how to exercise according to a medically prescribed plan laid out according to your current physical health by a doctor or nurse. This ensures you are able to use exercise as a tool to improve your heart health. At the same time, you are protected from heart risks associated with strain and too much activity.

Who Gets Admitted Into Cardiac Rehab?

Generally, whenever a patient has heart surgery or visits the doctor to treat a heart condition, they will be admitted into cardiac rehab. This is a program that allows patients to mend after heart surgery or as part of a treatment for heart disease.

If you are interested in choosing cardiac rehabilitation for your heart health and you do not currently have heart disease, that is possible, too. Here you can speak with your health care provider to learn about cardiac disease prevention and heart health services available to the general public. Your health insurance plan may also offer free or affordable heart health classes and programs in your community.

Cardiac Rehab Timeline

Cardiac rehab generally takes three months to complete, depending on the patient and the availability of services. The time frame range is two to eight months, and this is also based on insurance coverage. For example, your insurance plan may only allow for a set number of weeks of treatment. Therefore, your heart doctor will need to adjust the level of care and treatment modalities to your timeline of coverage.

Support for Cardiac Rehab at Heart Hugger

Our goal is to help patients recuperate from heart health surgery and heart conditions. We provide supportive devices to assist you on this mission. This includes the Heart Hugger, which is a pressure-inducing, pain-relieving sternum support harness.

Our team also supports patients and healthcare professionals by publishing beneficial information for heart patients. In our blog, you can learn more about heart health and treatment ideas.

Contact Heart Hugger today by calling 800-798-2667 to learn how to purchase a surgi support vest as part of your cardiac rehab. 

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