Pain After Cardiac or Thoracic Surgery

Posted by Heart Hugger on Mar 30, 2016 1:22:00 PM

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Pain becomes a stark reality with those who’ve just gone through surgery, especially after going through cardiac and thoracic surgery.  Pain medication provides some relief, but not enough. Those unexpected sneezing fits can catch us by surprise and simple movements that we make throughout our everyday lives can prove to be a hindrance. Who knew that making the bed could hurt so badly? Or a simple act of sitting down on the couch could cause so much pain? This is hardly unexpected after one goes through major heart surgery.

This is where Heart Hugger comes into play. With the help of Heart Hugger, a patient’s pain can be reduced in many ways.

Below are just three ways of how Heart Hugger can help reduce the pain:

  • Respiratory Therapy:  After surgery proper deep breathing and coughing maneuvers are requested to help the patient release the buildup of fluid in the lungs. Those without Heart Hugger become too fearful to do these exercises due to the pain that can be associated with them. Heart Hugger substantially reduces that pain.
  • Sternal Wound Complications: When the handles are squeezed together, Heart Hugger circles the rib cage with uniform pressure and support. It forces the surgical wound together and provides sternal stability and support. The risk of wound infection is significantly reduced because of the support that Heart Hugger gives. Stabilizing a wound has never been easier.
  • Ambulatory Exercises: Walking, sitting, and reaching are a few of the post-operative exercises that may be given to a patient. These exercises help a patient learn how to maneuver successfully in their normal activities. Unfortunately this seemingly simple task can be associated with a considerable amount of pain. Heart Hugger takes away some of that pain by offering support during these activities.

Heart Hugger Sternum Support Harness is U.S. FDA Classified, Medicare Approved and conforms to the European Medical Device Directive. It provides a clear alternative to folded sheets, towels, a pillow or teddy bear. They are in control of stabilizing their own wound in a clinically successful way.

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