Your Guide to Choosing a Surgi Support Vest

Posted by Heart Hugger on Dec 18, 2017 12:43:00 PM

guide to choose surgi support vest

Post-operative sternal support should include various body types and take into account the structure of women. Providing sternal support is essential for recovery to avoid an opening of the incision. The surgi support vest was created with women in mind. Here’s a guide to choosing sternal support made for women.

Who Should Use a Surgi Support Vest?

A surgi support vest is for anyone who has undergone surgery that affects the chest such as heart surgery, a mastectomy, or a cosmetic procedure. The surgi support vest acts as a post-operative bra that is specially designed for women to support and comfort a patient's entire chest. There are various styles to meet unique challenges that different patients will face during the recovery period. Women will appreciate the easy to use front-closure that causes the vest to act and feel like a sports bra for extended comfort.

What to Look For

When choosing a surgi support vest, you should examine the options and how they will benefit your recovery. Some questions to ask:

  • How often will you wear the vest?
  • How do you wash and care for the vest?
  • Is the vest comfortable on?
  • Does the vest fit your body type?

Why Choose the Surgi Support Vest

Recovering from heart surgery is a full-time job. You want to avoid incision opening, infection, and increased pain. A post-operative bra such as the surgi support vest is a tool you can use to improve recovery while adding comfort. You can also use it with a Heart Hugger device which is a sternum stabilizer beneficial for actions such as coughing or standing up.

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