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In today's world, we have a lot of questions and three times as many answers. Sometimes, that's a good thing. We can get second (and third) opinions on just about anything. We can get the same information from a variety of perspectives. We can choose how to solve problems because the power of technology and modern study has afforded us the ability to decide on the best option instead of the only option. However, more choices can also mean more confusion. How can anyone know if they're making the best possible choice when there are so many possibilities? The key is to get all of the information, study the facts, and then, ultimately, trust your instincts--and this is especially true when making patient care decisions.

Respiratory Splinting After Heart Surgery

Patient care is always a priority, but after heart surgery, supporting and protecting patients is of particular importance--and this is a unique challenge indeed when it comes to respiratory splinting that is both comfortable and efficient. Of course, there are countless choices, but one of the best options in today's medical landscape is the Heart Hugger respiratory splinting device. Heart Hugger is a great choice for patient care because it provides the support necessary for post-surgery healing, and it is comfortable and adaptive to unique patient needs.

Benefits of Heart Hugger

When it comes to making patient-care decisions, it's important to have all the information so that you can trust your instincts. Here's a quick look at some of the benefits of Heart Hugger.

  • Pain relief. One of the biggest obstacles to successful healing is the pain. When you're in charge of patient care, it becomes your quest to find ways in which the patient can overcome pain and continue healing--and Heart Hugger can do just that. By offering respiratory splinting and strong support, Heart Hugger minimizes pain when coughing, moving, and breathing, giving your patients the best help possible.
  • Support. Heart Hugger is unique in that it offers the support your patient needs while minimizing discomfort and stiffness. The device provides support for the wound and the patient's chest during movement or coughing, thus reducing the chance of complications and unnecessary pain.
  • Adaptable. One of the biggest benefits of Heart Hugger is that the device can adapt to unique patient needs at once. Heart Hugger can fit over street clothes, can be worn at home, can be adjusted as needed, and provides the specific type of support required by your patient. When it comes to patient care after heart surgery, you'll know that Heart Hugger is just as unique and strong as the patients it cares for.

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