Uses and Benefits of Respiratory Splinting for Pain Relief

Posted by Heart Hugger on Jan 28, 2016 1:19:00 PM

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How often do you think about breathing? Whenever we have difficulty breathing, it seems that's all we can think about. Luckily, with respiratory splinting, breathing can become easy and natural again if we've been suffering from pain.

If your patients are feeling this way, there are solutions to bring pain relief and help them recover more comfortably. As a recovery nurse, you know that reassurance is just as important as the medical care you give your patients following surgery. They've trusted medical professionals to get them through surgery, but they know that for many of the long days and weeks that follow, they'll be at home navigating the recovery process.

For many heart surgery patients, the Heart Hugger Sternum Support Harness helps them better manage their pain during recovery and is a great respiratory splint solution. And because Heart Hugger lets patients decide when to apply pressure, they feel more in control of their pain and the entire healing process.


Prior to surgery the patient should have been fitted and sized for the Heart Hugger Support Harness so everything is ready. After surgery, your patient will have Heart Hugger put on them, and it will stay on during the recovery process. The patient retains control of the harness and can use the handles to adjust pressure.

Heart Hugger works for the patient throughout recovery and facilitates an additional means of pain management. The overall process also helps patients feel in control of their comfort, aiding further in the ability to recover smoothly.


The effect of maintaining control in their own recovery is pretty tremendous for most patients. Heart Hugger helps with pain associated with breathing and coughing among other things, and the patient learns how to use the harness to help themselves when facing that sort of pain. Being involved in their recovery helps patients heal better.

Heart Hugger is also excellent in defending against future complications of all kinds. It not only gives patients that comfort and control immediately after surgery, but it also helps the patient stay on the path to wellness with fewer possibilities of wound complications.


Heart Hugger is a more attractive and effective alternative to other kinds of sternum and respiratory splinting options.

Before Surgery 

Patients and family members can watch the informative Nursing Inservice & Patient Education video with you prior to surgery. The instructional video and resources give patients an opportunity to see how Heart Hugger works and to spend some time practicing its use without distraction.

Immediately After Surgery 

Most patients are limited to bedrest immediately following surgery. HEART HUGGER is fitted by nursing staff at this time. You'll have spent some time learning how to apply the harness prior to your first patient.

During the Hospital Stay

During this time, you'll be helping your patient manage pain while changing positions, getting in and out of bed, coughing, sneezing, etc. Heart Hugger helps patients improve the recovery period by providing support for the chest wall. Because patients can adjust Heart Hugger as needed, the system helps them feel in control of their pain and overall recovery.

Discharge From the Hospital

It's during this time that many patients feel insecure about how to manage their pain during everyday activities. Heart Hugger can be fitted to wear over street clothing and can help patients manage pain for as long as six weeks after discharge.

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