Understanding The Goals and Benefits of Cardiac Rehab

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At its simplest, the goal of medical science is to understand the complex workings of the human body and keep everything running smoothly. The same is true for cardiac rehab. Like the body itself, cardiac rehab is intricate, and it has many overlapping parts and moving pieces--but it is a crucial step in the healing journey after heart surgery.

The Basics

Cardiac rehab is based on the idea that there are a few big keystones necessary for good health: physical fitness, emotional support, healthy lifestyle, and education. Through personalized programs for each patient, cardiac rehab strengthens and encourages these keystones in order to keep any individual happy, healthy, and comfortable. Different treatment plans begin at different times--some take place while a patient is still in the hospital. Cardiac rehab involves prescribed amounts and types of exercise, all overseen by professionals, and always targets each patient's individual needs and goals.

The Three Phases of Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehab has three phases, and it's important to understand the goals and benefits of each. Let our experts explain:

  • Phase One- Inpatient: Inpatient cardiac rehab begins right after a major heart event and is the basis for all future rehabilitation. Doctors analyze what a patient can and can't do safely, recommend some simple exercises, and provide education on healthy choices and lifestyle changes.
  • Phase Two- Outpatient: This phase happens in a nursing facility or through an outpatient program. Patients are monitored to ensure that rehab is being carried out properly and that progress is being made. Physical therapy also begins during this phase. It is best described as a transition, making sure that patients can adapt their new routines to everyday life.
  • Phase Three- Lifestyle: At this point, it is important that cardiac rehab becomes a lifestyle. Exercise is kept up and occasionally overseen by experts. Healthy choices are always made. This is when patients can begin the next phase of their life and be active again.

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