Tips for Making a Heart Surgery Recovery Plan

Posted by Heart Hugger on Jun 6, 2018 10:40:00 AM

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It’s a good idea to start making a recovery plan for your heart surgery as far in advance as possible. This gives you the opportunity to make sure everything is planned for – from finances to help at home to pain management. Here are some of the things you’ll want to cover on your plan.

Hospital Stay

As you prepare for surgery, one of the first areas to cover is your hospital stay. This is one of the most comprehensive checklists to cover, but here are some of the key items:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Paperwork needed
  • Emergency contact info
  • Someone to drop you off, pick you up, and be there as needed
  • Comfortable clothing for your stay
  • Appropriate clothing for going home (see if you have any restrictions)
  • Your Heart Hugger sized and ready to be put on by a nurse

At Home

Your home recovery time will be much more extensive and involved than the hospital stay, but the most important coverage should be the first few days you will be home because you simply can’t know what sort of shape you’ll be in, and it’s better to be overprepared. Some of the most important things include:

  • Pain management (your Heart Hugger plus any prescriptions or OTC medications)
  • Help at home (hire someone if needed)
  • Meals
  • Transportation for doctor’s visits

Talk to your doctor or surgeon to get a clear picture of what your recovery will be like. There are quite possibly some everyday tasks and movements that you will not be able to do for a while, such as sit up, raise your arms, or tie your shoes. Gather as much information as possible so you can plan for assistance and your home’s layout accordingly.

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