The Benefits of a Postoperative Bra

Posted by Heart Hugger on Oct 23, 2017 7:27:00 PM

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What do you think of when you hear the word "healing?" It is a term that has countless positive connotations throughout our society. To be healed is to be cured of some pain, illness, or problem. To be healed is to feel strong and whole again. To be healed is to place a bandage over the wounds of the mind and the body--a bandage which, though it may work slowly and steadily, has the power to repair what has been broken. Of course, "healing" also has more literal meanings, the definitions that conjure up images of white lab coats, bottles of antibiotics, and glimmering medical utensils. However, no matter what comes to mind when you think about healing, the truth is that healing of all kinds can often use a helping hand.

The Helping Hand: Postoperative Bras

The recovery process after thoracic surgery is one example of healing that can benefit from a little bit of help--and a postoperative bra can do just that. These unique devices are designed specifically for female patients, offering all of the support and protection necessary for recovery without causing any additional discomfort. The innovative design allows patients to move, breathe, and even cough with complete confidence, thus encouraging each individual to assuredly take the steps required for a full and safe recovery. Postoperative bras are a true helping hand when it comes to healing after thoracic surgery.

Real Benefits

So, what are the details? How can postoperative bras make such a noteworthy difference in the healing process? Here's a quick look!

  • Support. One of the biggest and most immediate benefits of a postoperative bra is the support provided. The device works to support breast tissue and minimize uncomfortable weight and movement, thus protecting the incision site and reducing the pressure and tension that can contribute to complications.
  • User-friendly. Postoperative bras are designed to be uniquely user-friendly. Because they open in the front, postoperative bras eliminate the discomfort of hooks or fasteners and make dressing the wound easier and more comfortable. (This is also good news for minimizing complications because less unnecessary movement means less risk!)
  • Pain control. It's easy to see that, in most cases, the biggest enemy of healing is pain. Pain makes it difficult to keep up the kind of routine necessary for complete recovery. Luckily, postoperative bras provide comfort and support in all the right places, minimizing pain when a patient moves and encouraging a healthy posture. Plus, they eliminate unsightly and unsanitary "bulges" from large dressings, which makes patients feel better and look better--a benefit that they will much appreciate.

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