The Advantages of Heart Hugger Respiratory Splinting

Posted by Heart Hugger on Feb 1, 2016 4:03:00 PM

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In the year of 1988, the FDA classified Heart Hugger as a Class I Medical Device. The following year, Heart Hugger was Medicare Approved. Surgeons and patients alike have given their testimonials on how Heart Hugger has helped them.

Since 1988, hospitals, surgeons, and patients alike have reaped the benefits of Heart Hugger. Below are the examples of how Heart Hugger has done exactly that:

  • Hospitals – Heart Hugger helps hospitals save money by reducing the chance of infection and post-operative complications. Without the sternal support that Heart Hugger offers there is a lack of confidence in the patient which results in longer hospital stays and increased complication rates.
  • Surgeon – Heart Hugger helps patients recover quickly with reduced complications. Post-operative exercises prove to be more difficult when patients are offered sternal stability by folded sheets, towels, pillows, or stuffed animals. This offers no support for the ribcage, and in turn, provides no lateral support in stabilizing the wound. Without Heart Hugger, the risk of sternal separation of the wound is a strong possibility.
  • Patients – Heart Hugger helps reduce sternal wound complications while reducing pain in respiratory therapy and ambulatory exercises. The stress on the surgical wound is reduced significantly with Heart Hugger. When the handles are squeezed together, Heart Hugger circles the rib cage with uniform pressure and support.

Heart Hugger provides patients uniform encircling support around their entire ribcage while giving them the ability to control your pain and support their chest during the first few weeks of their recovery. This not only benefits the patients but the hospital and surgeon as well.

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