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surgeon and patient meeting about postoperative bras

At the end of the day, what's most important to you as a medical professional is knowing how advances can help your patients get healthy quicker and more comfortably. That's just what one study set out to prove--and the results about postoperative bras could revolutionize healing for cardiac patients.

The Study on Effective Sternum Support

According to Cardiovascular Disease News, a study based at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center explored how effective sternum support can be during the healing process. The goal was to see if complications, like sternal wound dehiscence, could be limited with the help of a device like a postoperative bra--so the experts decided to study a group of high-risk patients. These patients were given postoperative bras and their healing processes were compared to the healing processes of a control group. The experts measured success based on how many patients were readmitted due to complications--and out of the 19 patients using sternum support, only two were readmitted.

The Details on Postoperative Bras

So how can a sternum support device like a postoperative bra help your patients heal faster and more comfortably? Here's a quick look at what the study found!

  • Comfort. Patients who aren't comfortable are much less likely to follow doctor's orders. That can lead to a longer healing process or, unfortunately, dangerous complications. With postoperative bras, patients are kept comfortable throughout the healing process, which means that they'll be more willing to comply.
  • Mobility. Sternum support provides high levels of mobility to patients who otherwise might be unable to do much of anything. This means that they can do recommended exercises and even cough, breathe, and move in comfort.
  • Pain. One of the biggest obstacles to healing is the pain. It makes everything more difficult--but with a postoperative bra, that's no problem. The study found that, overall, sternum support helped lower pain levels and boosted the chances of healing successfully.

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