Sternum Stabilization for Broken Ribs

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sternum stabilization for ribs

As we know, properly stabilizing the chest after injury or surgery is incredibly important. This is because of how important the chest itself is; without strong support and protection, everything from breathing to a normal heart rate can be affected, and all of it comes at a steep price to the patient's comfort and healing progress. Yes, sternum stabilization is crucial--but when a patient has broken ribs, sternum stabilization becomes even more important.

Dealing with Broken Ribs

The problem with broken ribs is that they aren't exactly easy to heal. This is thanks to a lot of variables, but one of the most infamously complicated is the type of fracture. There are two types of fractures--uncomplicated rib fractures, where the rib is broken in a single place, and complicated rib fractures, where the rib is broken in multiple places or is very unstable--and both must be treated a bit differently. However, they do have one thing in common: both require the sternum stabilization offered by devices like Heart Hugger. This minimizes the chances of complications and discomfort and speeds recovery.

Benefits of Sternum Stabilization

So, just how can sternum stabilization make such a huge difference in the healing process for a broken rib, both in complicated and uncomplicated fracture situations? Here's a quick look!

  • Support. The first and foremost goal of sternum stabilization is to offer support to the chest and ribs. A fractured rib requires specialized support in order to heal properly and minimize the pain a patient must endure, and that's where a sternum stabilization device comes in handy.
  • Pain. Pain is one of the biggest obstacles to a patient's successful healing. With sternum stabilization devices, this is no longer a problem. The unique support provided to the chest and ribs offers pain relief when moving, coughing, or exercising, which allows your patients the comfort to more willingly do what you tell them!
  • Complications. The word "complications" is one we never want to hear, and luckily, a little sternum stabilization can go a long way in minimizing the risk of complications or the need of further hospitalization. By ensuring that the broken rib doesn't move too much, sternum stabilization devices protect the patient and the injury, ensuring that neither causes trouble for the other.

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