Sternum Stability for Your Recovering Patients

Posted by Heart Hugger on Jan 25, 2018 6:47:00 PM

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It is unfortunately very common for postoperative complications to arise, and it is only wise and prudent for healthcare providers such as yourselves to foresee these issues and give your patients the best course of action for their immediate health. There are several different postoperative care options out there, but one that has stood out to healthcare providers is the HeartHugger. This noninvasive care option enables patients to manage their pain and recovery at a reasonable pace with relative ease.

The Details of Postoperative Complications in Sternum Surgery Patients

The list of complications that can occur after sternum surgery have not been detailedly categorized, but it is easy to chart their costs to healthcare facilities if not taken care of well. It is your job, as a healthcare provider, to send your patients home with the best chance of not needing your help again for the same conditions. Using a postoperative care option such as HeartHugger serves your patients best and helps your healthcare institution save money. Some of the most common postoperative complications found in sternum surgery patients are:

  • Sternal infections

  • Pulmonary complications

  • Persistent postoperative pain

Now when you are sending a patient home after a sternotomy procedure, it is important that everyone with their different specialties addresses their postoperative care. You address things like diet, pain control, medications, and protection of their sternum during exercises or when they cough. Why leave out something as important as sternum support?

If you would like to offer your patients the support they need, please contact HeartHugger today.

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