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Posted by Heart Hugger on Dec 4, 2015 9:30:00 AM

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If you or someone you love is recovering from thoracic surgery, it is possible to experience greater comfort and pain management with the use of a Postoperative Bra which offers complete wound support. This device also contributes to a quicker return to pre-operative respiratory function, because when the patient's pain levels are reduced they are more willing to exercise their lungs.

Here are some of the benefits provided by a Post-operative Bra

  • Tension on the incision site is eliminated by the immediate support gained from a post-operative bra. Healing is promoted when the weight and movement of breast tissue is contained and supported. Postoperative Bras reduce the risk of wound complications because they support breast tissue, thus prohibiting any pulling on sternotomy wounds.

  • These bras open in the front, which allows for easy access to the incision site for dressings. It is much easier to place and remove these bras because the front enclosure does not require turning and bending. Because there are no hooks in the back, no excessive movement is required by the patient, and no uncomfortable hooks are burrowing into the patient's skin.

  • The Velcro closure provides variable tension as the incision site begins to heal and diminish. There is no need to purchase different sizes as recovery progresses. The vest can be adjusted to provide additional support at all stages of recovery. Because there are no hooks, dressings are secure and cannot be dislodged from covering the wound.

  • Most important, patients who use post-operative bras report that they feel better when wearing them. Large dressings create unsightly bulges, and concerns about hygiene from drainage, both of which are alleviated by the use of this product. Postoperative Bras promote patient confidence because patients are better able to maintain normal posture and mobility. We all feel better when we look better!

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