Planning for Heart Surgery Recovery at Home

Posted by Heart Hugger on May 9, 2018 12:16:00 PM

couple planning for heart surgery

Having surgery can be stressful, but planning out all the details ahead of time can help ease some worry because you’ll know exactly what to expect. Focus on each segment of the surgery – before, during, and after – so that you and your loved ones are as prepared as possible.

This guide will cover how to prepare for your time at home after the surgery.

Heart Hugger

Before surgery, be sure to buy your Heart Hugger so that your nurses can put it on you right after surgery. This will then prepare you for using it at home.


It’s a good idea to consider home mobility for after the surgery. For example, are there stairs or other things that can limit your movement? If you have an upstairs bedroom, move or rent a bed for downstairs use.

Other preparations you can make related to mobility include stocking your pantry, putting commonly used items somewhere central and easy to access, and removing any barriers that might be difficult to navigate around.


If you require any special equipment (your doctor should let you know ahead of time), you can arrange for delivery and set up to happen before your surgery date. You should also make arrangements with your insurance company for the equipment well ahead of time and separate from your surgery planning with them.

Extra Help

In some cases, it’s a good idea to hire a little extra help from a professional. Sometimes surgeons recommend this, but you can check with them if you aren’t told to. Make arrangements for help well ahead of time, as you’ll need time to find a good person and get it approved through your insurance.

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Heart Hugger

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