How Diet Impacts Cardiac Rehab

Posted by Heart Hugger on Oct 20, 2015 10:59:00 AM

diet for cardiac rehab

Your dietary habits are essential to the process of recovering after heart surgery. Healthy eating is a great technique to encourage the healing process after heart procedures, and adopting good habits can also help you to avoid future problems with your heart.

Many patients find it difficult to get back to a regular eating schedule, and some even say that their appetites are gone. Smaller and frequent meals are often the best option for these patients. You should keep dietary habits that will benefit overall health and become a lifestyle change.

In some cases, doctors provide explicit instructions for what foods are best during recovery. Always follow your doctor's instructions first and foremost. And for additional tips about eating heart-healthy foods, read on. 

More Fruits and Veggies

Artery narrowing can be reversed with dietary changes. Fruits and vegetables are essential to these changes. They are considered to be heart-healthy choices. These foods are rich in nutrients and in fiber. Included in this category are some other great choices. Whole grains and legumes can be good for the heart, as well.

Fish and Lean Meat

Reducing the amount of cholesterol that you eat is important. This will help you to tailor food choices that are healthy. A part of this process is including protein-rich foods into your diet. Fish is one example of these foods. There are many great fish and seafood selections in this category. Lean meat cuts are another great way to get protein. There are terrific cooking options for these meats as well.

Choosing the right kind of dairy and limiting your carbs is good for your heart. Your doctor will prove instrumental when it comes to designing a healthy diet. Fitness programs work hand-in-hand with eating right. They work to strengthen the heart and promote overall health. Adopting the right habits will help with recovery and better health choices in the future.

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