Heart Hugger Aids Post-Surgical Recovery

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In 1984 when Mr. Glenn Williams was recuperating from cardiovascular bypass surgery, he discovered that the lack of sternum support while recovering caused needless pain while lengthening his time of recovery. Desiring to spare others from a similar experience, he went on to invent the HeartHugger™ Sternum Support harness.

Today, HeartHugger™ is part of the recovery process for CABG, Heart Valve replacement, and Thoracic surgery patients in more than 220 U.S. Hospitals and over 340 heart programs worldwide.

Patient Control

When patients are actively involved in their own medical care, they develop confidence and independence, which enhances their recovery. The sternum support harness offers patients full-time pain management at their fingertips.

Sternotomy and Thoracotomy patients generally have two goals during recovery.

  • Returning to pre-op respiratory levels
  • Stabilizing their sternal or thoracic wound

Not meeting these goals may result in wound and pulmonary complications, which may result in readmission to the hospital.

How it Works

The HeartHugger™ Sternum Support Harness is worn over clothing in the hospital and after discharge, at all times. It can remain loose and passive until needed. When coughing, sneezing, or moving, the patient simply squeezes the handles together, tightening the chest belt, encircling the entire rib cage with uniform pressure, to splint together the surgical wound and reduce pain. It is worn 4-6 weeks post surgery.

Aggressive Recovery

The increased independence and confidence HeartHugger™ Sternum Support Harness generates allows patients to be more aggressive in their Respiratory therapy exercises, getting them back to their pre-op respiratory levels sooner, while supporting their surgical wound.

Heart Hugger™ is U.S. FDA Classified as a Therapeutic Medical Binder. It is Medicare Approved and conforms to the European Medical Device Directive.

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