Enjoying Exercise After Heart Surgery

Posted by Heart Hugger on Dec 21, 2018 10:29:31 AM

exercise after heart surgery

How much and what kind of exercise you can enjoy after heart surgery depends on how you're feeling and what your doctor feels is safe for you. Everyone is different, and the exercise your physician says is okay for you after heart surgery may not be the same as recommendations you've read online or heard from a friend. Here are a few tips for making sure the activities you participate in after heart surgery are safe for you.

  1. You are your best guide. If an exercise makes you feel unwell or out of breath, or causes pain, it's best to stop. If it seems to be taking you too long to recover, don't hesitate to seek medical attention right away.
  2. Start slowly. You've been through major surgery, and it's natural that you'll need some time to get back to normal activities. Increase any physical activity slowly and only under your doctor's guidance.
  3. Take baby steps. Moving onto new exercise goals is exciting, but realize that it may take you longer to reach new exercise goals after heart surgery. It's okay if you need to stay at one goal longer than you expected.
  4. Exercise with a friend or family member. Walking or another exercise is always more enjoyable when you're in good company. If you're exercising alone, be sure to take your mobile phone, so you can call for help if you need assistance.
  5. Stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle close at hand, so you don't get dehydrated during a walk or other exercise.
  6. Ask for help. It's perfectly reasonable to be concerned about what type of exercises you should and should not do, so never hesitate to ask your physician or physical therapist if you're uncertain about your limitations.

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