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We've all likely heard it at least once it our lives: "All you need to focus on is getting better." It sounds so simple--but, in reality, "getting better" is actually a pretty big concept to focus on, especially after cardiac surgery. Rehabilitation requires lifestyle changes. It requires determination. It requires work. In order to recover from cardiac surgery, you often have to focus on things that we've all spent a lifetime taking for granted, like breathing, moving, eating, and sleeping. Even though "all you need to focus on is getting better," there's still a lot to do--but with a surgical support garment like a Postoperative Bra, you can mark a few things off the list.

Postoperative Bra

Surgical support garments are a great help in cardiac surgery rehabilitation. They help take some of that uncomfortable focus off of things like breathing, sleeping, and exercising, so that all these activities can return to being nothing more than aspects of everyday life. However, among the various support garments available for cardiac surgery rehabilitation, a Postoperative Bra is perhaps one of the most useful. Postoperative Bras are worn much like regular bras, meaning that they offer the same kind support--and any support of the upper body is especially valuable when recovering from cardiac surgery. They can improve comfort, decrease pain, and make "getting better" a much easier thing to focus on.

Benefits of Postoperative Bras

So, how do Postoperative Bras help during cardiac surgery rehabilitation? Interested in other surgical support garments? Here's a quick look!

  • Healing time. All surgical support garments work to minimize recovery time, but the Postoperative Bra is especially helpful in the healing process. The strong support of the Postoperative Bra makes it a great tool for stabilizing the chest and torso, minimizing complications and making recovery quicker and easier.
  • Movement. Surgery changes a lot of things, including the way we can move. Postoperative Bras are designed to minimize pain during movement, eliminate excess discomfort, and make recovery exercises easier and more enjoyable.
  • Sutures. One of the biggest concerns during cardiac surgery rehabilitation is keeping the incision site safe, comfortable, and clean. Postoperative bras help to protect sutures and incision sites, keeping the body in positions that will minimize complications and speed up the recovery process.

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