A More Successful Recovery After Heart Surgery

Posted by Heart Hugger on Dec 10, 2018 1:27:08 PM

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After heart surgery, it's natural to wonder about your post-surgery life. How soon can you expect to feel like yourself again? When will you be able to resume your normal activities? While the answers to these and other questions vary widely between individuals, there are steps patients can take after heart surgery to shorten recovery time and get back to everyday activities.

Improving Your Odds

Here are some steps your doctor may recommend to improve your odds of successful recovery after heart surgery.

  • Improve your diet — It's common knowledge that a healthy diet plays a leading role in our overall health, and after heart surgery, healthy eating habits are critical. Following the guidelines given to you by your physician will improve not only your heart health but your overall physical well-being.
  • Stop smoking — Smoking is a leading cause of cancer, and we now know that it's also a major contributor to heart disease. If you're a smoker, seek help to kick the habit and improve your odds of a healthier life after heart surgery.
  • Monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol — What you don't know really can hurt you. Keep your follow-up appointments, so you know how you're doing.
  • Take your medications — Taking your prescribed medications after heart surgery is essential. Stay in close contact with your physician and, as with any medication, report signs of an adverse reaction immediately.
  • Get moving — Your physician will let you know when it's time to begin light exercises. Stick to your therapy routine for the most significant benefit.

Watch for Red Flags

There are a number of things that could occur in this area that can slow down recovery. In some instances these things could lead to more hospital treatment. Here are some of the things to watch for:

  • Extreme Redness
  • Opening Incision
  • Heightened Pain
  • Infection

The Heart Hugger helps you to protect the incision site and to encourage thorough healing. Once you’ve purchased this tool, there are other things for you to do. It is important to understand what is involved with recovery. Changing eating habits is one of the areas that will impact you. Limiting activities until you have healed is another consideration. Overall, you need to listen to the instructions of your doctor to not only enhance recovery. These instructions help you to plan for a better fit future.

Make Healthy Eating Choices

The things that you eat do impact your health. This is true before heart issues and especially after related surgeries. Incorporating fruits and vegetables is a good place to start. There are terrific options in this category to choose from. You should look at this as an adventure and experiment with different foods. Lean meat and fish are wonderful for heart-healthy meals.

Limit Regular Activities

Included in the recovery process is the need to limit regular activities. Doctors usually advise patients to take time returning to certain things. Driving, for instance, is often allowed between 4 and 6 weeks. The complexity of your procedure will play a role in when you can engage in specific activities. Sports and other high-impact areas should not be participated in until you’ve fully recovered.

Like anything else important in life, recovery from heart surgery takes time and investment. You will need to allow your body the time that it takes to fully heal. Investing various resources is instrumental to this process. Patients must learn what is necessary to avoid future heart problems. This often includes making lifestyle choices that are healthy.

Heart Hugger helps patients manage pain after heart surgery, including during respiratory therapy. To find out how Heart Hugger can help you or a loved one reduce pain and minimize future complications, get in touch with us today!

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