A Definitive Checklist for Before and After Heart Surgery

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preparing for cardiac rehab

Undergoing heart surgery creates a host of emotions. The best way to minimize nervousness is to prepare. Recovery is six to eight weeks long, and steps you take before and after will result in a successful recovery.

Preparing for Heart Surgery

  • Coordinate Support: Compile a list of individuals who are willing to help you, including two primary people who will take care of the bulk of your needs. Have them monitor the number of visitors who come to see you.

  • Prepare Your Body: Retaining a regular exercise schedule and booking massage therapy will aid in preparation for surgery as well as improve recovery time.

  • Set Up an Area of Comfort: Post-surgery you will be unable to lie in bed, so establish a recliner or other comfortable furniture before surgery.

  • Create a Calm Atmosphere: Stress will arise from several factors related to surgery. Be prepared with calming activities for your mental health.

  • Have Varying Communication Channels: Post-surgery you will be extremely tired. Mix verbal communication with texts and emails for maximum rest.

Essential Recovery Tips

  • Be Aware of Negative Symptoms: If any of the following symptoms arise, contact your doctor immediately: extreme redness, opening incision, heightened pain, and infection.

  • Take Care of Your Entire Body: Treat your body to heart-healthy meals that will aid in the recovery process.

  • Limit Regular Activities: Do not jump back into your normal daily routine. Recovery should be made at the proper pace to ensure it is done correctly.

  • Wear a Sternum Stabilization Device: This type of device will apply support to your entire chest area. Without help, coughing, sneezing, and moving can cause sternum destabilization.

For more information on recovering from heart surgery and sternum stabilization devices, call us today.

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