5 Answered Questions About Heart Surgery Recovery

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asking questions about heart surgery recovery

The more prepared before and after heart surgery you are, the quicker you can recover. Here are five common questions that people typically have about heart surgery recovery and our answers to them.

Heart Surgery Recovery Questions and Answers

1. What Happens Immediately After Heart Surgery?

While you may wake up an hour or two after surgery, most people take a while longer than that. Be prepared for a breathing tube that will be removed in 24 hours. It might be uncomfortable because you are unable to talk. If you are in an intense amount of pain, you can request pain medication. Lastly, there will be bandage covering your incisions which will stay for the next day or so.

2. When Can My Family Visit?

After heart surgery, your family can visit once 45 minutes has passed. Longer visits following this period must be organized around the ICU schedule.

3. What Will the Rest of My Hospital Stay Be Like?

Your activity will be monitored the first day and then increased as your body’s strength returns. You can drink fluids after heart surgery and eat normal foods as soon as you can tolerate them. Finally, your stitches will be removed within seven to ten days.

4. How Can I Speed Up Recovery at Home?

You won’t be able to jump back into your routine as quickly as you'd like to. It’s important to take physical activity slowly and reintroduce exercise intermittently. You should also be eating heart-healthy foods that promote the recovery of your body. Recovery is three to six weeks, and it’s essential to have a healthy mindset about the progress of your recovery.

5. What Should I Avoid?

Activities that require extended physical movement should be avoided. After heart surgery, you want to give your body as much time as possible to rest. You should also not drive a car, as you will be taking medication for pain that can impair judgment.

As you can see it’s important to give your body rest after heart surgery. You will be well attended at the hospital and you should have everything set up at home for when you get there. To learn more about products to help heart surgery recovery, call us today!

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