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When it comes to cardiac rehab, it's important for patients to have all the facts--not just because this is a crucial part of the healing process after cardiac surgery, but because patients who have heard certain myths will be more likely to skip rehab. Here are three popular myths and the truth behind them.

Dispelling the Myths

Our experts understand that the healing process after heart surgery can be long and not always easy. However, when hear-say is keeping patients from taking part in the counseling, exercises, and education of rehab, then they miss out on all the benefits--and the journey to healing suddenly gets a lot harder. Here's a look at the biggest obstacles patients see:

1. It might not be safe

A lot of patients worry about whether or not their bodies can handle cardiac rehab. This is a big concern, but the truth is that, in order to be deemed eligible, a patient has to pass various comprehensive tests that ensure safety and physical readiness. It's often helpful to have healthcare providers discuss this with patients if this is a concern.

2. It's too expensive

Another obstacle standing in the way of cardiac rehab is often the cost. Patients think they won't be able to afford it--but most insurance companies actually cover most of the cost for up to 36 sessions, plus there are payment plans available. Patients can rest assured that cost should never stand in the way of healing, even if some creative solutions need to be made (like participating in only a few sessions here and there).

3. I don't need it

Sometimes, patients think that they know everything there is to know about taking care of their bodies. In reality, there's always something new to learn about health, exercise, and nutrition, especially after cardiac surgery--which means that cardiac rehab is crucial.

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