What to Expect After Your Heart Surgery

Posted by Heart Hugger on Mar 27, 2019 10:52:39 AM

patient recovering from heart surgery

Patients undergoing heart surgery naturally have many questions about the recovery process. You want to know how long you'll be in the hospital, how to take care of yourself when you arrive at home, and when you can begin normal activities.

Every patient's recovery timeline is different, and yours will depend on how well you're feeling after heart surgery. Here's a look at how an average patient's recovery period may look.

Your Stay at the Hospital

You'll need bed rest in the hospital's intensive care unit immediately after your heart surgery. You may be moved to the general care unit after a day, but it's also common for patients to stay in ICU a little longer.

During your hospital stay, you'll learn ways to speed recovery and manage your pain. Effective sternum stabilization after heart surgery can help you manage your pain during movement and coughing. Heart Hugger helps protect the breastbone closure by giving patients more control over pain management with on-demand sternum stabilization.

Going Home from the Hospital

During the discharge process, you'll receive instructions on how to use Heart Hugger to aid in sternum stabilization. You'll be instructed to continue the breathing exercises you began during your hospital stay and to stabilize your breastbone while coughing. You'll also be given instructions and tips for activities like showering, dressing, and getting in and out of bed.

Your At-Home Timeline

During the 4 to 6 weeks after heart surgery, patients slowly begin getting back to normal activities. It's important to give your body plenty of time to heal, keep your follow-up appointments, and follow your doctor's orders.

You can enjoy a faster recovery period and on-demand sternum stabilization after heart surgery with Heart Hugger Sternum Support Harness. Contact us to learn more today!

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