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After cardiac surgery, the sternum needs special care. Protecting it is one of the biggest and most important steps in the healing process--and that's because the risks are especially high. One possible complication is sternal dehiscence, which, while painful and dangerous, can be avoided with the help of proper care and sternum support.

What You Need to Know

Sternal dehiscence occurs when the sternum separates completely into two parts. It is sometimes related to infections of sternum wounds, and is linked specifically to certain types of cardiac surgery. Females are at greater risk than males, but there are risk factors that increase the chances of sternal dehiscence in both genders, including smoking, obesity, multiple operations, and more. The most important things to know about sternal dehiscence are:

  • The side effects include pain lasting more than a month, fever, and strange sounds from the moving sternum
  • Treatment involves repairing muscles or bones along with a round of specific antibiotics
  • The danger related to sternal dehiscence is considerable, but mortality rates are constantly dropping thanks to modern medicinal practices

The good news is that sternal dehiscence isn't a given. With proper care and the use of sternum support devices, the chest and the wound can both be protected. Support allows the patient to move, breathe, and cough comfortably, all without disturbing the sternum--which means that healing can be quicker and safer than ever. Generally, sternum support devices are first used in the hospital, and then taken home with the patient in order to encourage the best possible support. This means that both the wound and the sternum are protected throughout the healing process, which minimizes the risk of sternal dehiscence as well as other painful and dangerous complications.

To learn more about sternum support devices and their role in minimizing complications, contact us today!

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