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Tips for Your Heart Surgery Patients Recovery

Posted by Heart Hugger on Apr 25, 2019 10:02:58 AM


female patient recovering from heart surgery

Heart surgery recovery is not something that happens overnight. It's a process--which means that there are many things your patients need to do (and some things they're not supposed to do). Since all of that information can get a little overwhelming, we've compiled a few quick tips to help your patients remember how to keep their recovery on track.

5 Tips for Faster Recovery After Heart Surgery

Posted by Heart Hugger on Jan 24, 2019 1:45:34 PM

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Recover from heart surgery

It's important to be patient during your heart surgery recovery period, allowing yourself ample time to recover. From replenishing your blood supply to regaining your pre-surgery strength and endurance, your body has a big job ahead. Expecting too much too soon can put unnecessary strain on your body and even lengthen your heart surgery recovery period.

Enjoying Exercise After Heart Surgery

Posted by Heart Hugger on Dec 21, 2018 10:29:31 AM


exercise after heart surgery

How much and what kind of exercise you can enjoy after heart surgery depends on how you're feeling and what your doctor feels is safe for you. Everyone is different, and the exercise your physician says is okay for you after heart surgery may not be the same as recommendations you've read online or heard from a friend. Here are a few tips for making sure the activities you participate in after heart surgery are safe for you.