Avoiding Sternal Dehiscence with Heart Hugger

Posted by Heart Hugger on Nov 28, 2017 7:19:00 PM

avoid sternal dehiscence

No matter who we are or what we do, one word that we all shudder at is complications. In the medical field, this is especially true. Everyone involved in the medical field--doctors, nurses, patients, even receptionists and delivery people--don't like hearing the word complications, because it means that there will be more pain, more suffering, and more danger. For example, one all-too-common complication is sternal dehiscence, and it can strike fear into the bravest heart. How can we avoid having to hear or use the infamous word complications? One crucial step in avoiding complications after surgery is ensuring that patients know what to do to take care of their bodies and how to do it properly. Often, they need a little help with that--and that's where Heart Hugger comes in.

The Power of Heart Hugger

Avoiding after-surgery complications like sternal dehiscence relies on proper patient care, education, and support. However, not every patient is the same; some are higher-risk than others, and after heart surgery, risks can include anything, like excess weight, diabetes, and chest structure. Luckily, the innovative technology of Heart Hugger can help any patient, at any risk level, to avoid complications. Heart Hugger works to provide the sternal support that is so crucial after heart surgery, and this allows patients to move, breathe, and rest easier. The easy-to-use device provides pain control and support, which, in turn, makes it much easier for patients to comply with after-surgery regulations and minimize the risk of complications--especially sternal dehiscence.

Benefits of Heart Hugger

So, how can one simple device do so much for patients after surgery? How can Heart Hugger help patients avoid sternal dehiscence? Here's a quick look!

  • Comfort. Often, pain is the number-one factor standing between patients and a well-healed, well-adjusted body. Pain limits motion and discourages patients from doing what they must to heal. Heart Hugger reduces pain by providing support to the sternum, protecting the wound and the patient.
  • Limited complications. Heart Hugger can reduce the chances of complications by providing unique care, support, and protection for the sternum and the area of the wound. The device allows movement but limits the damage and pain that can come with after-surgery exercises, thus providing a safer and more protected environment in which the wound can heal.
  • Any patient. One of the biggest benefits of Heart Hugger is its ability to adapt to any patient. No matter what size, build, injury, or wound the patient has, Heart Hugger can adapt and continue to offer support and comfort, providing for any patients needs.

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