Are Heart Pillows Actually Useful After Surgery?

Posted by Heart Hugger on Oct 12, 2018 10:37:57 AM

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If you’re looking at information related to heart surgery and recovery, chances are you’ve heard about heart pillows (also known as chest or cough pillows). These are commonly handed out to heart surgery patients, but it’s not often discussed whether these are actually helpful for recovery.

Heart pillows are meant to give patients something to hold to their chest when they need to cough or sneeze or to try and help alleviate some pain.

So the question is: are heart pillows truly a good addition to surgery recovery plans?

In short, the answer is no.

Why Pillows Aren’t Worth It

There is simply no scientific evidence showing a heart pillow’s efficacy. One issue is that heart pillows cannot be accessed by patients at all times. Additionally, there are some questions about whether heart pillows are too un-hygienic to be kept near wounds. Because pillows can be placed anywhere and are made of fabric, they can easily pick up germs.

Try Heart Hugger Instead

Want a different option with scientific evidence backing its effectiveness? Meet the Heart Hugger. The Heart Hugger is a sternal harness worn by patients who need sternal support and wound stability. Like the heart pillow, the Heart Hugger can be used for coughing and sneezing, but with better results and a more hygienic makeup.

Heart Hugger offers even more benefits beyond that as well. Patients are fitted for the device before surgery, then immediately after surgery the patient begins wearing it. Rather than a soft item that can be easily misplaced and may not even help, the Heart Hugger is worn round the clock and offers evidence-based solutions.

Find out more about sternal support, wound stability, and pain management with the Heart Hugger by contacting us today!

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