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As a professional, you probably already know just how important sternum support can be when it comes to cardiac rehab. Healing after heart surgery has a lot of moving parts, and the one thing that can help keep all those parts moving smoothly and soundly is reliable sternum support. A group of professionals decided to explore this relationship by putting sternum support under the microscope.


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Following a major procedure will leave one very susceptible to different complications that are associated with open heart surgery. It is our job at Heart Hugger to attempt to prevent as many of these complications as we can. This includes sternal wound dehiscence, any pain experienced by the patient, as well providing as much sternal stability to the wound during the recovery process. While none of these are easy to accomplish, the ultimate goal is to have the speediest recovery possible while also avoiding any unnecessary complications.

Importance of Sternum Stabilization

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Have you ever seen a picture of a person drawn by a child? Maybe you had the chance to appreciate the artwork of your own child or grandchild, or perhaps you remember doing such drawings yourself. No matter the little artist, it always seems like children draw people as mostly torso, with a head and limbs added almost as an afterthought. The focus is on the sternum, though the artists themselves don't yet think of it this way. If you're looking for sternum stabilization, it can often feel like you're the subject of a child's drawing--all the focus is, for awhile, on the sternum.

Benefits of a Stabilization Device

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Going in for a procedure is always a daunting undertaking for a patient. There are probably a million questions that want to be asked, all of which can leave you even more confused than when you started. There are some basic needs that all patients will go through after cardiac surgery and during cardiac surgery rehabilitation. One of these needs is to have a good support system that can help support the wound in the sternum. Since almost all cardiac surgery needs to be done by opening up the chest, sternum stabilization after the procedure is a necessity when it comes to pain management and the healing process.

Adjusting the Sternum Stabilization Harness

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Patients who have recently had thoracic surgery benefit greatly from having additional sternum support that a harness provides. Making simple adjustments in the way the Heart Hugger Sternum Support Harness is worn can make all the difference in patient comfort. Follow some of these simple guidelines to make your experience with this product more satisfactory.

Sternum Stabilization During Cardiac Rehab

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Whether by devouring a book with a passionate eye for plot, rushing out of a movie theater to write a review for some lackluster storyline, or simply enjoying a favorite family narrative, we have all found it to be true: every tale has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Of course, books and movies aren't the only things to experience this uniformity--we see the same pattern in life. One such example lies in undertaking the journey that is heart surgery. Heart patients endure the beginning of the tale, the surgery itself, and then the middle, the healing process, and finally, the end--the recovery. Today, like any good writer, medical science has started to focus on that middle section, finding ways to minimize complications so that the story itself is smoother--and sternum stabilization is just one revolutionary answer.