Cardiology: Two Types of Heart Doctors

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When it comes to heart doctors, there tends to be a little bit of confusion. Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons might sound like they do the same things, but the truth is that they're two very different specialists--so today, we'll take a look at what makes each profession unique.

Understanding Cardiology

When it comes to complex specialties, heart surgery sounds like it's right up there next to rocket science. However, heart health doesn't have to be difficult to understand--especially when you know the difference between two main types of heart doctors" who can help.


Cardiologists, in simple terms, are doctors who specialize in heart conditions. They can handle everything from hypertension to high cholesterol, and they have a variety of tactics up their sleeve to help diagnose these issues as well as treat them. For example, a cardiologist can run tests to identify problems with the heart's structure and function--but they can also place stents or close holes in the heart.

Cardiac Surgeons

As their name suggests, cardiac surgeons are more specialized for surgery. They begin their advanced education by studying the chest and internal organs in general and then move on to studying the heart in particular. They truly are specialists, called in to handle every step of cardiac surgery, whereas cardiologists tend to help patients handle long-term heart health.

Although both heart doctors are an important part of overall heart health, it's important to understand which kind of doctor you need to see in order to address your specific concerns.

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