Benefits of a Stabilization Device

Posted by Heart Hugger on Feb 15, 2016 12:23:00 PM

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Going in for a procedure is always a daunting undertaking for a patient. There are probably a million questions that want to be asked, all of which can leave you even more confused than when you started. There are some basic needs that all patients will go through after cardiac surgery and during cardiac surgery rehabilitation. One of these needs is to have a good support system that can help support the wound in the sternum. Since almost all cardiac surgery needs to be done by opening up the chest, sternum stabilization after the procedure is a necessity when it comes to pain management and the healing process.

There are a few ways that have been recommended by healthcare providers that can provide the support a patients needs after surgery. In the past, this has included pillows that the patient hugs while coughing or needing to move. While this provides some support to the wound, the Heart Hugger device is specifically designed for postoperative sternal support and can really come in handy for a patient. Pain management is at the top of the list when recovering from surgery, and the Heart Hugger is capable of helping patients go through their rehabilitation period while minimizing pain.

Benefits of the Heart Hugger Include:

  • Prevents Sternal Wound Dehiscence- One of the problems that recovering patients face is keeping their wounds clean and healing properly. The Heart Hugger device has been designed with two handles that can be squeezed together to provide adequate support to the wound whenever the patient needs to move or cough. By squeezing these handles, the patient is giving the wound less of a chance to open up or become damaged.
  • Helps with Pain Management- Reality dictates that postoperative rehabilitation will be painful in some areas. The Heart Hugger is designed to ease the pain of any coughing, sneezing, or moving the patient has to do during recovery. This is again done by squeezing the handles together and providing support to the sternal wound, giving the patient more stability whenever he or she feels the need to use it.
  • Nurtures more Independence- We understand that being waited on hand and foot can become uncomfortable after a while. While it is definitely a reality and necessity, getting help from loved ones can become defeating when all you would like to do is be independent. The Heart Hugger device lets you control when you need stability in your wound and how much, making it easier for you to move around the house unassisted. This independence is a breath of fresh air after leaving the hospital and making your recovery.

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