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Recovering from surgery has many consequences and byproducts that are less than desirable for a patient. Of course, there is the pain to deal with, and the road to recovery may be a long one depending on the type of surgery that was necessary.  There is also the fact that the patient will need to rely on medical staff and family members for quite some time before being able to move around and function by themselves. While needing to rely on people is certainly an inconvenience, it’s not life-threatening or a medical issue. Sternal wound dehiscence, on the other hand, is a consequence that may occur that is viewed as more serious.

The History of Sternal Dehiscence

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sternal dehiscence history

The midline sternotomy made its entrance into the clinical world, but not without complications. Sternal infection was on the rise. Sternal dehiscence was treated with open drainage and debridement with packing. Results included complications like graft exposure, desiccation of wound margins, osteomyelitis, and death. In 1963, Shucker and Mandelbaum introduced closed management with catheter-antibiotic irrigation. Survival rates increased, but they were still pretty slim. With the mortality risks, there was great desire to discover better wound care.